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Storm Trading is the premier professional trading house in South Africa. *On behalf of broker-dealers we recruit, house, train and manage traders,offering them the opportunity to trade globally across multiple asset classes from any location. Our culture and teamwork is the backbone of our company, and the contribution that each trader makes through information and idea generation is our edge.

Our culture is where we begin and end as a firm. It defines us in everything we do. We like to have fun as much as we like to trade, and because of this we’re able to succeed in the fast paced, high pressure world of trading. Our traders spend as much time with each other away from the office as they do at the office. This is testament to our culture and the team environment that we’ve built within our firm.

Storm Trading is involved in almost every facet of  trading. Whether you’re looking to become a professional trader or if you’re in the market for a world class CFD platform, Storm Trading is the place to go. Contact us with any of your  trading needs.

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Storm trading is comprised of over 50 traders at 2 locations in JHB and CPT. We actively trade equities, futures, bonds, Forex, and CFD’s across multiple continents. We’ve created a close knit network of top tier traders that are constantly sharing ideas and information as a team. This gives our traders a distinct advantage over the rest of the playing field.

What We Do

Trading Equities
Trading Futures
Mentor Traders
Create/Teach Traders
International Trading


*Storm Trading is not a broker-dealer and all transactions are facilitated through other registered broker-dealers.  Storm Trading recruits, manages, trains, and mentors traders who are registered traders with other broker-dealers.





















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